It all began with four friends bonding over their passion for books and candles, so we thought, why not create a book box including a special edition book and a candle? So, after months of research and planning, we did, and Page & Wick was born.

We were adamant that we wanted the spotlight on self-published authors from the beginning. Having written some of our favourite books, we felt that, more often than not, they did not receive the praise they deserve. We wanted to share our love of these exceptional books with like-minded readers around the globe in hopes they would enjoy them just as much as we do!

Our bi-monthly boxes include an exclusive hardback fantasy book in the NA/Adult category, paired with a hand-poured scented soy candle inspired by each book. Scent is a compelling sense. It evokes memory and feeling. Maybe the book you receive will be an epic fantasy filled with towering castles and wild oceans. Light the wick, and allow it to take you there.


As an aspiring fantasy author and digital artist from the glorious Lake District, Maddy adores losing herself in a audiobook while looking out into the serene views of the lakes, particularly Katee Robert’s romantasy novels and Madeline Miller’s poetic historical fiction. Whether developing a narrative or drawing characters from fantasy books, she loves letting her creativity flow. Even better if she has a good cuppa, some halloumi fries and an autumn view for inspiration.
Mollie loves nothing more than curling up with a Kate Stewart novel in the beautiful coastal county of Essex, savouring the caffeine of an iced vanilla latte and indulging in some tasty pasta, wistfully wishing for summer to be all year round. When she’s not reading her favourite contemporary romance novels, she loves to dive into Romantasy novels and explore the words of epic fantasy, with a cosy candle or wax melt burning away peacefully in the background.
From the beachy west coast of Cumbria; Lucy is a sunshine seeker through and through, in her element, with a serene view and good Italian food. She is less particular about her books, with interest in most genres, she only needs something page-turning in one hand and a taro bubble tea in the other. With a love of travelling and adventuring, there is a special place in her heart for fantasy, specifically the ruthless boys series, because we love indie spice here.
Emma’s best day is getting away from the busy Liverpool city life and immersing herself in the fantasy worlds crafted by Raven Kennedy and V. E. Schwab. After a long day taking beautiful photos of books for her bookstagram, she loves nothing more than snuggling up under a blanket amid colourful autumn, sipping on a good cup of tea, and escaping into new worlds. But, of course, like most of us, her cosy nights are only complete with some tasty pizza and pasta!
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